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April 2014: Beech Farm, Farnley Tyas

Bringing education to life for local youngsters

Farnley Tyas C of E First School visit the Beech Farm Development

The children had lessons with a difference on the building site. The two classes from Farnley Tyas First School visited the Beech Farm development in the village. The older pupils learned about the history of the village and how it has evolved, as well as finding out more about construction. Farnley Estates' director, and keen historian, John Sykes, told the children more about how villages such as Farnley Tyas have evolved over the centuries, due to the changes in farming and lifestyle. Head teacher Claire Minogue said: 'Visiting the beech Farm development was a great way to bring many aspects of education to life for the children. As well as the history of the site, they also discovered more about why different materials are used. We even brought Maths and Art into the field trip, with the children identifying different shapes and looking at the different textures of the buildings'.
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