October 2014: Gannex Park, Elland

New Scheme to 'unlock' sites in Calderdale.

The Gannex Mill re-development has been seen as one of the early successes of the councils new scheme.

A project to open up more sites in Calderdale for business use is starting to pay dividends. Calderdale Council has termed it ‘site unlocking’ – opening up new sites and buildings to house growing firms and attract new businesses from outside the area. In an innovative move, the council has created a new post – Principal Site Unlocking Officer – to focus on the project and appointed Duncan Cooper to work with landowners and private developers to identify obstacles stopping sites moving forward for business development. One of the early successes has been in Elland, at Gannex Park. Previously home to the iconic Gannex Mill, set up by the late Lord Kagan, it was taken on by developer John Radcliffe & Sons to create high-quality business premises. Full story can be read at http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/new-scheme-free-up-industrial-7884572
  • Former Gannex MillThe iconic Gannex Mill before demolition.
  • KTHKTH, the first unit to be completed on the site of the former Gannex Mill.